Thomas O. Randolph


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
 Minor in English Writing
 given by the University of Missouri
 Cumulative GPA: 3.349
 GPA in Major: 3.874


The user experience

When interacting with a website or application, a user's takeaway is driven by three components of their browsing experience:
  • how the site looks,
  • how the site responds,
  • and how the site feels.


Complete JavaScript applications using AJAX, jQuery, RESTful architectures, dependency management, and more.


Extensive HTML and CSS experience including cutting edge HTML5 and CSS3

On the server-side

An experience is driven by what a user sees and how the site responds, but a huge part of those pieces is the code running on the server to store, retrieve, and properly manipulate data.


PHP experience ranging from small web applications to building an image manipulation library.

Some experience in rare projects using Ruby, Python, Perl, C, Java, Visual Basic and C# ASP.NET


Regular use of relational databases like MySQL and Oracle, and an increasing use of NoSQL databases like MongoDB in apps.

Software & more

  • advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint)
  • intermediate media editing skills (Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver CS4)

Work Experience

Veterans United Home Loans
 Columbia, Missouri
 March 2012 ‒ Current

Position: Web Developer
  • Developed an application that drastically improved efficiency in the Post Closing department
  • Architected and implemented a company–spanning customer portal with modern technologies
  • Iteratively designed and built applications using constant feedback from product owners
  • Performed under extremely tight deadlines while still meeting customer expectations
  • Managed my own tasks and, while on a project, delegated them to achieve peak efficiency
  • Communicated effectively and frequently with product owners and colleagues for maximum effect

Learning Web, Inc.
 Columbia, Missouri
 September 2011 ‒ February 2012

AdFreeq, Inc.
 Columbia, Missouri
 August 2011 ‒ February 2012

Positions: Front End Developer
  • Responsible for interactive user interface designs and web–based application interfaces
  • Built rich user experiences leveraging social media APIs and dynamic content
  • Created valuable deliverables that demonstrated technical proficiency to investors and shareholders
  • Administered and maintained web and email servers for both companies on a temporary basis

University of Missouri Recreation Center
 Columbia, Missouri
 March 2010 ‒ March 2012

Position: RecTech Specialist
  • Handled software projects for automating and improving in–house, behind–the–scenes operations
  • Collaborated closely with other developers and designers to improve world–facing technologies
  • Understood and completed assignments in a timely and efficient way

University of Missouri Recreation Center
 Columbia, Missouri
 January 2009 ‒ March 2012

Position: Masters Swim Club Coach
  • Created and maintained website for information and workout distribution
  • Built lasting relationships with swimmers on a coach and personal level
  • Communicated and coordinated with superiors regarding scheduling and organization

Lanit Consulting, Incorporated
 Columbia, Missouri
 May 2010 ‒ March 2011

Position: Web Development Intern
  • Updated projects to use current, often cutting–edge, technologies
  • Worked on teams with other developers to bring changes to projects in a timely, complete manner
  • Engaged coworkers in a mutual learning environment to improve understanding of problems and solutions

University of Missouri Research Reactor
 Columbia, Missouri
 January 2008 ‒ September 2010

Position: Computer Support Services Student Assistant
  • Supported employees of the reactor to solve computer-related problems
  • Assisted Computer Support personnel in solving computer issues

University of Missouri Residential Life
 Columbia, Missouri
 November 2007 ‒ May 2009

Position: Discovery, Responsibility, and Schurz Halls Master Treasurer
  • Managed the floor funds for multiple buildings by balancing the master account
  • Assisted eight floors in obtaining money by writing checks and keeping accurate records
  • Performed the duties required seamlessly without prior knowledge of the position

Shop 'n Save
 St. Louis, Missouri
 June 2008 ‒ August 2008

Position: Checker (Cashier)
  • Scanned merchandise quickly and efficiently, often under stressful conditions
  • Engaged each customer cheerfully, and initiated conversation with each person
  • Handled thousands of dollars each day with no errors

Volunteer Experience

Central Missouri Humane Society
 Columbia, Missouri
 August 2012 ‒ July 2013

Position: Advanced Volunteer
  • Exercised and walked animals outside the facility
  • Socialized animals with each other and with people
  • Interacted with potential adopters and directed them appropriately

Animal Protective Association
 Saint Louis, Missouri
 August 2006 ‒ May 2007

Position: Volunteer
  • Cleaned and restocked cages and animal supply areas
  • Greeted customers and assisted them if they desired to adopt an animal
  • Built trust relationships with the animals to calm them while they were in the shelter

WCA Women's Swim Team
 Saint Louis, Missouri
 2003 ‒ 2007

Position: Assistant Coach
  • Helped coach manage team and paperwork
  • Assisted swimmers in improving stroke mechanics

Awards and Honors